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how to create TNEGA ID இ சேவை புதிய கணக்கு எப்படி உருவாக்குவது நியூடன்...

  1.   how to create TNEGA ID  இ சேவை புதிய கணக்கு எப்படி உருவாக்குவது  நியூடன்_ONLINE_தமிழ்                                                                     
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We have benefited from government e-service e-sava centers through which we can apply for our own initiative through the web, caste certificates, next location certification, income certificates which are essential for various types of concessions, and many more. Our application, what is the state learn about the inability of a situation arising, because everyone above a separate e-Service Creator, and thus their required certificates apply, the applications they are when the application of the current situation, including the information that the applicant had to date can know

See the Newton Online Tamil Video below to find out more and more information ....

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